Your Anaesthetic

A Specialist Anaesthetist is a qualified medical doctor who has studied further for a minimum of 5 years to specialize in anaesthesia. Blaine and Associates Anaesthesiologists is a group of Specialist Anaesthetists, all of whom are medical doctors and have met national and international standards and qualifications required to practice anaesthesia. We fall under the governance of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HSPCA), as well as the South African Medical Association (SAMA), and our professional body - the South African Society of Anaesthesiologists (SASA).

Your operation will be conducted under general anaesthesia (fully asleep), regional anaesthesia (epidural or spinal), local anaesthesia, conscious sedation (awake and heavily sedated if necessary), or a combination of these techniques. Each anaesthetic administered is specifically customized to every patient taking into account their current condition, medical history, specific risks, weight and height, psychological state, age, operation to be performed, postoperative care needed, and above all safety.

With modern techniques, training, equipment and drugs the complication rate purely from anaesthesia is exceptionally low, however outcome from any anaesthetic is never guaranteed. Your anaesthetist will discuss this with you (as time allows) prior to your surgery. Please refer to the Information for Patients page for further information.

You have the right to ask questions, discuss potential complications and risks, be informed of fees, and talk about any specific concerns you may have. The preoperative consultation is the time for this to happen, and the anaesthetist will visit you in the ward before your surgery, or if time does not allow, in theatre prior to your operation. For bigger and more complicated procedures you may be referred by your surgeon for a full assessment as an outpatient a few days before your surgery.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for clinical excellence and offering a world class service in anaesthesia and intensive care, and pain control.

In order for us to plan the safest possible anaesthetic for you, it is imperative that the Medical Questionnaire and Consent Form are filled out accurately and completely. You may need to undergo some testing prior to your operation in order to exclude certain risks. This may take the form of blood tests, ECG or referral to a physician or cardiologist if thought necessary.

Blaine and Associates Anaesthesiologists will provide complete personal care from the time you enter theatre until the time you are discharged back to the ward. If there is any reason to admit you to Intensive Care after your operation this will be discussed with you beforehand.

Please Note: If you require a Fee Estimation please click  Quotation.

Lastly, be sure to go through the read and complete all the relevant forms in full before your admission to hospital, and be sure to hand this form to your Anaesthetist before your procedure

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Andre Van Druten - Blaine and Associates Chairman 2023