Your Anaesthetic

This practice charges standard private rates and is NOT contracted to any medical insurance funder.


We do however have payment arrangements with a few specific medical aid plans.

Depending on your particular plan type, you may be covered fully for our fee.

We advise all patients to investigate getting GAP cover to avoid a potential co-payment.

Our rates are standard, and contrary to public opinion, we do not charge you more if you have GAP cover. Your Gap cover is there to help you cover any shortfall between your medical insurance cover and our standard rate.

The onus is on you as a patient to understand fully your medical plan benefits.

We request all patients to obtain an ESTIMATION for anaesthesia as our fees may not fully be covered by your plan. You will then have a co-payment, which you can claim from your GAP insurance, if you have GAP cover.

To avoid any surprises, we kindly suggest that an ESTIMATION for anaesthesia should be requested at least 2 days prior to the date of surgery, or at the very latest on the morning of surgery.

An ESTIMATION request can be submitted through this website, or by emailing, or by calling the office by phone, or visiting our office in person.